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Manufacturing Solution

Once a customer's design requirements have been reviewed, KAL Manufacturing combines the leanest and most efficient manufacturing techniques with our extensive manufacturing experience to develop the best methods to produce finished parts with speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Our capabilities include Prototype, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Prismatic Machining. We also have finishing equipment to prepare parts for subsequent plating or painting operations.


  • Engineering support and feedback
  • Dedicated prototype teams for sheet metal and machining requirements
  • Reduced lead times to support customer initial design stages

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Industrial lasers, turret presses, and combination laser and turret press
  • Computer controlled press brakes
  • Automatic feed hardware insertion equipment
  • Welding capabilities including Tig, Mig, and spot welding; KAL obtains weld certifications for each part requirement and retained throughout the life cycle of the part/product/program

Prismatic Machining

  • 20,000 RPM dual-pallet, high-speed machining centers with 4th-axis capabilities
  • Single pallet vertical machining centers
  • Complete line of tool room support equipment to develop and manufacture all prototypes, fixtures, tooling, and related components to support the prismatic machining requirements as well as the sheet metal and final assembly operations

Benefits for You

  • Maintain highest level of process capability and quality
  • Achieve accurate, efficient, and consistent results
  • Realize the lowest cost possible

Case Studies—Manufacturing

  • Simplify Life
    A medical equipment OEM contracted with KAL Manufacturing to create some of the highly complex machined components needed for a complex subassembly.
  • On Target
    A customer in the military industry needed an assembly for a new production program in a short lead-time, and the part design had not yet been proven out.

KAL Manufacturing

657 Basket Road,
Webster, NY 14580

| 585.265.4310

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Certifications: ISO 9001:2015, ITAR, Cage Code 0LVD0. All certifications and compliances

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